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3 things you’re doing wrong installing your own TV

So you just purchased a brand new TV! Flat screen, HD, smart, awesome. The final step is mounting it to the wall. Before taking on this project, here are some common problems DIYers face when trying to mount their TVs themselves.

  1. Finding a stud

Some parts of the wall just aren’t strong enough to bear the weight of a large flat-screen. A stud finder is needed to find a proper location on the wall to mount the TV so it won’t come falling down. Proper installation is essential to eliminate potential damage of the new TV.

  1. Height and location

Sun exposure, power outlets and cable location are all considerations that should be made when deciding where to put the TV. Also, it is important to make sure the TV is level before mounting it. Adjustment isn’t as easy as adjusting a photo on the wall. Putting the TV too high or too low is also a huge problem, because it is hard to make adjustments after the TV has been mounted.

  1. Cable length

When mounting a TV, cable placement and length can make it difficult to reach power chords and cause unattractive hanging cables on the wall. To hide the wiring, more work usually needs to be done in the wall behind the TV. 

Let Facility Services mount your flatscreen for you. We know how to find studs, where your TV should be placed and how to eliminate ugly wiring. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services.

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