Facility Services hits $10,000 mark on donated products and services

The leading Orange County boutique distributor of office interior products, announces that it has reached a landmark achievement. Since the companies creation seven years ago, it has given over $10,000 dollars in office furniture products and service’s to the prevention of trafficking and abusing of women across the world.

As Facility Services continues to mature, it says it will invest further in philanthropy by donating their expertise to organizations that are in need of office interior products and related services. Facility Services approach is multidisciplinary. We bring collaboration, design and products together to create memorable relationships that delight our customers and, in the end, achieve business success. We find this focus remains the same for a start-up or a large corporation. We emphasize ideas, and how we can use our skills and best strategies to get great results for our customers. We want to make the right fit for our customers so that every project is a win-win for both parties. With a team of experienced professionals in the fields of design, architecture, engineering and operations and with the team’s previous experiences in these fields, we felt we could provide our customers the highest levels of service, beneficial advice and be our best when the best is needed. We developed a new company: a serviced-based company. Despite its achievement, the company has no plans to rest on this milestone.  Facility Services says it plans to keep giving to needy organizations and doubling their current amounts.

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