Rhyme and Reason

The Rhyme & Reason collection of side chairs offer clean lines and versatile options. A rectilinear frame design with a variety of back options allows for customization. Rhyme offers the choice of frosted glass inserts, metal inserts, leather inserts or an open back. Reason has a padded fabric seat and back.


With its sculpted contours and versatile applications, the Silero guest chair and tandem seating series commands a dramatic presence in spaces for work, study, waiting, and more. With several back and arm choices, as well as intermediate, corner, and end tables for tandem configurations, the lightly scaled Silero sings the high notes with precision and comfort.


The elegant and organically shaped backrest is worked from 3D Veneer. In spite of its minimum thickness, it is extremely resilient, and together with the upholstered inner surface and shaping of the integrated armrests provides a special feeling of well being. The chairs are perceptibly light and easy to handle, their look and feel easily matching interior architecture and furnishings.


No need to gamble on comfort and style with the fun, fluid design of Chance – the multifunctional side chair at an unlikely price. Ideal for guest seating, its architectural sensibility also places it proudly in waiting, meeting and collaborative environments. And, with an exclusive arm design as well as an optional ganging device, Chance is more than luck of the draw; it’s a hands down winner


Prague’s alluring back curves and unique wood twist arm design compliment any series. With stacking functionality and three distinct back options, upholstered half back insert, horizontal slat back, and fully upholstered back insert, along with open wood arms, Prague delivers diverse choices


The Focus Side chair and cafe stool feature a mesh back and the collection’s signature integrated lumbar support and a molded foam cushion for maximum comfort. This side chair and cafe stool are part of the top-selling Focus collection of conference, task and side seating.