Multipurpose Seating


Need seating that’s comfortable, affordable and a snap to store? Meet Jiminy. Helping to furnish a variety of environments, whether it be a lab or library, cafeteria or conference room, Jiminy can jump into place, provide a stylish sit, then quickly flip and nest making storage a snap. Jiminy also plays well with WaveWorks Flip/Nest tables, easily outfitting spaces such as training rooms, education environments and meeting facilities. Slip into comfort and convenience while satisfying your sustainable side with versatile Jiminy. Plus, Jiminy is certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and level® 2 which can help earn LEED® points.


In white, red and black, the solid colors offered by the Loewenstein design team are vivid and energizing. They glisten with a gorgegous glossy finish to stand out next to contrasting desk or table colors and can be easily stacked for convenience. Also available in a translucent orange shade and the anti-color of clear translucent, the Tiffany arm chair, side chair and barstool fit nicely at collaborative work stations and freestanding desk systems among other potential applications.


Loewenstein’s philosophy and long term success has been built on the foundation of bringing world class international furniture designs to the North American contract market with proper scale, comfort and engineering. These design collections have been offered to the interior design community as multi-purpose furniture at strong value price points.


Contemporary design-sensitive guest seating featuring wide flat, flared arms and elliptical tubular framing. The back of the chair is heavily compound-curved providing comfort and support while in various seating positions. Zoma offers a wall saver frame and stacks up to 5 high on the floor. The gently curved arms are made from incredibly strong black fiberglass reinforced nylon. Zoma is equipped with a polypropylene seat shroud that helps stabilize chairs when stacked and avoid frame imprints on upholstered seats.


Get swept away with Flurry, a high-density polypropylene stack chair that radiates charm and character. Ideal for training rooms, meeting areas, auditoriums, convention centers and more, Flurry offers functional ganging capabilities and can also stack up to 25-high for space-saving convenience. With eight contemporary colors to choose from, it’s sure to be the bright spot in any room.


Posture-Flex Technology® offers 15 degrees of back recline. Sliding movement of seat and flex in the back, not only contribute to user comfort, but also helps to keep the user alert while seated for long periods of time.