The right seating arrangements can improve the comfort of your staff members and may even increase productivity within your organization. Ergonomically designed chairs can reduce the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries and lessen the negative effects of prolonged sitting on the spine. Adjustable chairs are especially useful for accommodating workers of different heights. Finding the right chairs for your employees can have a significant positive effect on morale, as well. Facility Services delivers an outstanding array of choices to suit every preference and every ergonomic need within your office environment. These attractive and functional seating solutions can be a solid investment in the health and comfort of your entire staff. Let us know the type of seating you’re looking for, and we’ll find the best fit for you.



Agile, an ergonomic mesh back chair designed for personal fit and comfort. A high level of adjustability offers a custom fit and breathable mesh circulates air for comfort. Agile is designed to scale in features and upholstery options to support open plan, active environments, collaborative conference and private office settings.


Rectilinear lines combine with supreme performance for sophisticated executive or conference environments. The upholstery tailoring utilizes a French seam sewing technique. Arms feature chrome posts with three cap options: wood, upholstered, or black urethane. Standard with pneumatic knee tilt control and unique five prong base available in black or polished aluminum finishes.


Arise is a rare combination of contemporary design with extraordinary comfort. The stitching throughout the chair adds visual interest while the polished frame is left exposed for a modern mix of chrome and upholstery. With its contoured back, Arise sculpts to the user for extreme comfort. Cushions are designed with multiple layers of foam density for surrounding support. Arise comes standard with a multi-positional synchro-tilt mechanism, height adjustment and tension control.


Inspired by the surface flow of the Sansevieria plant, continuity among edges and surfaces was critical. The arm serves as the center piece connecting the back and seat mechanism. It’s twisted structure optimizes strength allowing us to create a consistent thin edge throughout the entire frame. A custom integrated mechanism offers many areas of adjustment without disrupting the chair’s flow. The flexxy swivel features two heights of backs and three frame colors. Flexxy swivel has a complimentary series of stacking and nesting side chairs to complete the Flexxy family of chairs.


Elegantly styled and lightly scaled to complement a range of conference, executive and mobile work spaces, Mogul stimulates comfort and design from the front office to the boardroom.


Destined to be the headliner in any conference room or executive office, Caption has an ultra-modern design coupled with exceptional comfort and standout styling to please all. An exclusive metal arm, complete with contoured arm pads, along with front and back stitching details gives it an impeccable look from every angle. Add a host of mechanism, base and upholstery options and Caption will surely earn rave reviews wherever it lives.



Refreshingly comfortable with a colorful knit suspension back or fully upholstered, Memento is a keepsake for executive offices, conferencing applications and workspace environments. Series includes knit-back and fully upholstered models with three available arm selections, two base finishes and a range of versatile mechanism options


The streamlined Sleek Swivel is the perfect choice for today’s modern demands. Featuring a molded plywood seat and a polished chrome tube frame back, Sleek’s slender lines are as graceful as they are functional.


Classically modern with a keen sense of comfort, Theory knows the importance of looking good from all angles. With an emphasis on stitching details and a signature arm that echoes the tapered frame of the chair back, Theory creates a powerful design aesthetic that beckons the audience, and makes a lasting impression.


Relax into the curvature of the Motto chair back. With its overall modern angular design, signature fixed cantilever arm as well as front and back stitching details, Motto amounts to everything tangible in an executive or conference chair – performed with subtlety and sensibility.


Designed by award-winning architect Sava Cvek and backed by more than half a century of Stylex know-how, SAVA® represents a revolution in control, comfort, and movement. Its groundbreaking Balanced Tilt mechanism functions through a set of user-friendly, clearly visible paddle adjustments to optimize the seated experience. With its flexible seat pan and a back that pivots around a forward point under that seat, the chair delivers correct geometry to achieve a grounded, remarkably responsive ride that is both poised and effortless for a wide range of individuals.


Cosmo’s ergonomic design fits well in all managerial and executive applications. Chair back options mold to every user’s body providing tailored support. Softly padded arms offer highest degree of ergonomic adjustment. Arms are height adjustable and soft polyurethane pads shift inward or outward for width adjustment. Integrated seat slider is a standard feature and provides 3.0” of seat depth adjustment. The side mounted location provides the user easy access to the activation lever.


Rhyme and Reason

The Rhyme & Reason collection of side chairs offer clean lines and versatile options. A rectilinear frame design with a variety of back options allows for customization. Rhyme offers the choice of frosted glass inserts, metal inserts, leather inserts or an open back. Reason has a padded fabric seat and back.


With its sculpted contours and versatile applications, the Silero guest chair and tandem seating series commands a dramatic presence in spaces for work, study, waiting, and more. With several back and arm choices, as well as intermediate, corner, and end tables for tandem configurations, the lightly scaled Silero sings the high notes with precision and comfort.


The elegant and organically shaped backrest is worked from 3D Veneer. In spite of its minimum thickness, it is extremely resilient, and together with the upholstered inner surface and shaping of the integrated armrests provides a special feeling of well being. The chairs are perceptibly light and easy to handle, their look and feel easily matching interior architecture and furnishings.


No need to gamble on comfort and style with the fun, fluid design of Chance – the multifunctional side chair at an unlikely price. Ideal for guest seating, its architectural sensibility also places it proudly in waiting, meeting and collaborative environments. And, with an exclusive arm design as well as an optional ganging device, Chance is more than luck of the draw; it’s a hands down winner


Prague’s alluring back curves and unique wood twist arm design compliment any series. With stacking functionality and three distinct back options, upholstered half back insert, horizontal slat back, and fully upholstered back insert, along with open wood arms, Prague delivers diverse choices


The Focus Side chair and cafe stool feature a mesh back and the collection’s signature integrated lumbar support and a molded foam cushion for maximum comfort. This side chair and cafe stool are part of the top-selling Focus collection of conference, task and side seating.



The Madrid Seating Collection was designed to complement a variety of table heights and types including conference, occasional and desk applications. The Madrid family of seating now allows you to create a cohesive aesthetic statement while addressing the different types of conference environments within a facility.


The artistic silhouette and modern sophistication of Nios makes it a captivating presence among its surroundings and the perfect destination to relax while waiting. Designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio.


Thoughtfully designed for the modern collaborative gathering, private conversation, or the simple need of providing solitude to meet a deadline, Intima Modular sets the tone for professional and personal productivity. In defining these public-seating areas within corporate offices, higher education facilities, hospitality destinations and more, the collection delivers innovation, intimacy and sophistication in this dynamic era of open space engagement.


Inspired by the shape behind its name, Leaf Modular flourishes into a natural seating presence for environments of all kinds. The leaf-like design allows for comfortable, flexible, any-direction seating, while the chair back intentionally doubles as an armrest, ensuring further relaxation. Leaf lounge chairs, benches and tables exist beautifully alone or as an ensemble to provide elegant functionality and pave the way for creating exceptional arrangements of organic proportions.


Tangent is a new breed of modular seating, which allows for limitless variations and offers a wide variety of seating within a limited square footage. A simple composition of ottomans, benches and backs, it operates as a refined system, snapping easily together or apart through a series of plugs disguised as upholstery buttons. This series was designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate various positions and parties and gives designers the ability to customize spaces, large or small.



Need seating that’s comfortable, affordable and a snap to store? Meet Jiminy. Helping to furnish a variety of environments, whether it be a lab or library, cafeteria or conference room, Jiminy can jump into place, provide a stylish sit, then quickly flip and nest making storage a snap. Jiminy also plays well with WaveWorks Flip/Nest tables, easily outfitting spaces such as training rooms, education environments and meeting facilities. Slip into comfort and convenience while satisfying your sustainable side with versatile Jiminy. Plus, Jiminy is certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and level® 2 which can help earn LEED® points.


In white, red and black, the solid colors offered by the Loewenstein design team are vivid and energizing. They glisten with a gorgegous glossy finish to stand out next to contrasting desk or table colors and can be easily stacked for convenience. Also available in a translucent orange shade and the anti-color of clear translucent, the Tiffany arm chair, side chair and barstool fit nicely at collaborative work stations and freestanding desk systems among other potential applications.


Loewenstein’s philosophy and long term success has been built on the foundation of bringing world class international furniture designs to the North American contract market with proper scale, comfort and engineering. These design collections have been offered to the interior design community as multi-purpose furniture at strong value price points.


Contemporary design-sensitive guest seating featuring wide flat, flared arms and elliptical tubular framing. The back of the chair is heavily compound-curved providing comfort and support while in various seating positions. Zoma offers a wall saver frame and stacks up to 5 high on the floor. The gently curved arms are made from incredibly strong black fiberglass reinforced nylon. Zoma is equipped with a polypropylene seat shroud that helps stabilize chairs when stacked and avoid frame imprints on upholstered seats.


Get swept away with Flurry, a high-density polypropylene stack chair that radiates charm and character. Ideal for training rooms, meeting areas, auditoriums, convention centers and more, Flurry offers functional ganging capabilities and can also stack up to 25-high for space-saving convenience. With eight contemporary colors to choose from, it’s sure to be the bright spot in any room.


Posture-Flex Technology® offers 15 degrees of back recline. Sliding movement of seat and flex in the back, not only contribute to user comfort, but also helps to keep the user alert while seated for long periods of time.



The OM5 Series® is a self weighing chair that intuitively responds to a wide range of body weights and sizes without the need for manual tension. Whether it’s to complement the decor of an executive suite or to function in the simplest of workplaces, the OM5 Series® is a chair that’s right for you. Delivering comfort, style, and performance in an innovative, advanced office seating line at the extremely attractive price. You won’t find this combination of quality and affordability anywhere else but Office Master.


Kamio provides all-day comfort with thoughtful features such as a breathable mesh back with height adjustability, adjustable lumbar support and body-contouring seat.

Focus Work

The Focus Work chair and task stool deliver extended comfort with a unique Y-shaped back support. Featuring the Focus collection’s signature sculpted back with integrated lumbar, Focus Work is designed for private offices or collaborative spaces. Part of the top-selling Focus collection of conference, task and side seating.


Nucleus looks like no other chair because it’s made like no other chair. Its cutting-edge materials and innovative construction not only make sitting down a pleasure, they also help Nucleus to stand out. With the open knit and soft hand of its ilira-stretch M4 mesh back, Nucleus looks right at home in today’s open plan office layouts. Opt for the fully upholstered work chair for conference rooms, private offices, and other more conservative spaces.


With a flexibility that extends far beyond its vibrant appearance, Frequency resonates with purpose. From the thoughtful, cohesive design that carries throughout the series to the unique, contoured back shape that provides enduring support, Frequency beckons with a delightful energy all its own.


Vesta’s ergonomic design fits well in all managerial and executive applications. High quality woven mesh on both seat and back molds to every user’s body providing tailored support. Vesta’s integrated seat slider is a standard feature and provides 2.5” of seat depth adjustment. The side mounted location provides the user easy access to the activation lever. Waterfall seat front promotes great circulation and good health.