About Us

About Us


We offer a full range of contract furnishing services for your company that can take your office project from start to finish to create a brand-new working environment for you and your staff. We deliver the following elite services for your project:

Technical Design

The knowledgeable experts in our design department can create detailed 3-D renderings of your project plans, allowing you to make any necessary changes or tweaks before physical construction begins. We deliver the latest in specification technologies to ensure that your project meets your expectations and needs perfectly.

Complete Delivery and Installation

Once your space is ready, we deliver and install your products to ensure your satisfaction. We take steps to protect your flooring and walls and to avoid damaging any part of your work environment. Additionally, we employ green-friendly practices that include recycling and reusing excess items and packing materials. If any issues arise during the installation process, our staff is on hand to remedy them immediately.

Product Consulting and On-Site Tours

We work with you to identify your core values and provide you with the most functional and beautiful solutions for your furniture needs. We can also provide site tours of projects we have previously completed to allow you to visualize your own workspace and requirements more accurately and effectively.

Dedicated Management Teams

We will have a dedicated management team work with you and your staff members from the inception of your project through its installation. This start-to-finish approach allows you to receive personalized attention and to create a real rapport with our staff members, creating synergy to benefit your project and ensure a greater degree of success.

Expert Reconfiguration and Relocation Services

We can help you with your office relocation efforts by providing you with breakdown and installation of your current office furniture assets and assisting you in choosing new furniture solutions for your new workspace. Our design team can present you with 3-D renderings of your new space and offer configuration suggestions to make the most of your current furnishings while integrating new options for storage and work areas to create a new office environment.

Training, Support and Warranties

We offer product training on everything we design and sell, allowing your staff members to make the most of their new office furnishings and storage solutions. We also offer support and management services to extend the life of your contract furniture products and to help you identify the most beneficial choices for your office space. Finally, we offer warranties that provide you and your company with valuable peace of mind in using and enjoying your new office furnishings for many years to come.