Benching is an innovative reworking of one of the oldest concepts in office furnishings and ergonomic design. Green-friendly and space-efficient, benching encourages collaboration and can boost productivity; studies published in the Harvard Business Review indicate that creating workspaces where staff members can maintain a ready line-of-sight with others on their team increased productivity by as much as 15 percent. Because benching systems require fewer raw materials and create less wasted space, they can provide an energy-efficient alternative for companies looking to go green. At Facility Services, we offer the most efficient and advanced benching systems to help your company reach its full potential in today’s competitive marketplace.


Tonic is an intoxicating new collection of benches, storage and tables designed for clients who want a more agile bench, simple and clean in design, with the robust construction Watson is known for. Tonic can work across many domains from meeting rooms to open plan benching. The center deck is the agile area for building user-driven settings based on work style and organizational or personal preference. It’s a simply powerful concept for the modern work environment.

Staks Benching

Designed to work in either a private office or an open-plan workspace, this benching system has an innovative and sleek spine rail that complements the versatile Staks platform by providing structural support, space division, storage, and electrical-system management.

Eleven Workspace

Eleven Work Space by OFS captured a Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2013 in the benching furniture category. Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed Eleven around a fundamental concept: “Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale.” This inspires a seamless blend of furniture functionality, connectivity, storage, and media integration that harmonizes with interior architecture. Informed by the international style and an architect’s attention to detail, Eleven presents an adaptable, sustainable aesthetic that scales from private to collaborative and open spaces.


Innovative new collection from OFS, the leader of contract furniture manufacturing, which creates the perfect workplace with desks and movable walls designed for high tech integration.


A tried-and-true solution for corporate furnishing needs, desking systems allow optimal flexibility in the workplace environment. Desking workstations can provide all-in-one convenience for improved project management and can be separated by screens, cubicles or walls to provide added privacy for staff members. Some desking units are portable for even more flexibility in configuration and location, and to provide space for collaboration when appropriate. Built-in storage space and ergonomic designs ensure that desking solutions provide the versatile performance businesses need to increase productivity throughout their organizations. Facility Services will work with your company to identify the most cost-effective and appropriate desking systems for your workplace to help you achieve your corporate goals.


Concourse uses refined materials that include laminated wood, powder-coated metal, polished/plated/anodized aluminum, and glass to provide residential warmth and sophistication. An extensive amount of architectural grade aluminum extrusions and aluminum die-cast components are utilized.


M2 opens the mindscape to possibilities once thought unattainable in open offices. Compared to the cost and work style limitations of cubicle environments, appealing aesthetics and open vistas are often out of reach for facility planners. Modeled after its private office predecessor Miro, M2 provides both style and sensibility for open offices in a broad range of workstation styles and sizes. The cost effective M2 offering encompasses rectilinear geometries, efficient worksurface support, and combination storage-privacy components to provide executive styling at a price point suitable for the open office.


Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Designed to meet the needs of any user, Voi’s layered worksurfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style.


STAKS provides precise, customizable design with the power of a system and personality of a modern studio. Loads of surface options and built-in features create studio environments that stir conversations and pollinate ideas. Real veneer surfaces and premium materials bring the luxury of a private office into the open. Divide space more freely than a conventional system. STAKS Divider Walls create privacy for focused work and are perfect for studio collaboration. A maximum 42″ dividing height delivers personal privacy yet encourages collaboration with ideal sightlines. STAKS also meets LEED IEQ requirements for seated height views.

Panel Based

Cubicles and panel-based office systems provide a versatile and scalable solution for your office furnishing needs. A solid compromise between the open plan flow of benching solutions and the restricted access of private office spaces, cubicles allow air and noise to pass through while providing a modicum of privacy and storage space for employees. Panel-based systems are especially useful in the ever-changing office environment because they can be reconfigured to suit various situations and business needs.

Facility Services can provide you with the innovative panel systems and cubicles your company needs to create customized working spaces perfect for your environment.


Today’s fast-paced companies have to be ready for anything. Accelerate is designed to adapt and grow at the speed of business. The thin profile and clean lines offer a range of aesthetic options to maximize design freedom. The versatile selection works great alone, or even better when combined with other HON products to maximize planning freedom. Accelerate your speed of business, and be ready for anything.


M3 components are designed to create fully featured workstations for task-intensive applications where functionality and aesthetics are equally important. Panels offer segmentation choices, as well as varied materials that can be applied to define a unique aesthetic of work space. Interchangeable elements provide control of design and function: whiteboards act as writing surfaces, accessory tile organize paper flow, acoustic segments are tackable, glass transmits light, and embossed metal tiles add contemporary touch.


System 2 is a sturdy panel system featuring full length steel and aluminum connectors, and can be installed easily by one person. The honeycomb core construction meets or exceeds industry standard for strength and longevity. We stand behind System 2, and offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Grow your team size or restructure a department quickly and easily, with panels that reconfigure as needed. An economical solution to all your office environment needs, System 2 is also available on our 5 & 10 Day Quickship program in more than 20 fabrics and finishes