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What’s next for the office? Making the workplace safe

In order to make people feel comfortable returning to work, changes have to be made and innovative solutions need to be implemented in the workplace. Cautionary measures such as rapid-response wellness screens (AKA “sneeze guards”) are essential to bring employees back to work quickly and safely.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration and CDC guidelines both recommend installing transparent shields or physical barriers in workplaces. Essential rapid-response wellness screens prevent the spread of airborne droplets containing viruses and bacteria, increasing workplace safety and making employees comfortable in the office environment. These translucent barriers provide an additional layer of protection between workers.

Building a healthy workplace today promotes safety and productivity in the future. 

Essential rapid-response wellness screens not only are consistent with federal guidelines and help enable safe physical distancing, but also can be a long-term office solution to reduce the transmission of other common viruses, such as the flu, in the future. Overall, protective measures such as screens give workers more peace of mind and comfort about their safety in the office.

Installing plexiglass screens is just one of the many steps businesses can take to make the workplace safer and make employees comfortable. Hand sanitizing stations, desk and collaboration spacing adjustments for physical distancing, frequent disinfecting and regular hand-washing are some additional steps that should be taken in the new workplace environment.

Contact Facility Services to begin planning a safe and healthy workspace for your employees.

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